Akpara Kingdom

(1)               Ekimgbo Clan

(2)               Eumuepirikom Clan

(3)               Eneka Clan

(4)               Rumuadaorlu Clan

(5)               Rumuorosi Clan

(6)               Rukpokwu Clan

(7)               Rumuola Clan

(8)               Rumuokwuta Clan

(9)               Rumueme  Kingdom

Akpor Kingdom

(1)               Ozuoba

(2)               Rumuokparali

(3)               Rumuosi

(4)               Rumualogwu

(5)               Rumuokwachi

(6)               Alakahia

(7)               Rumuekini

(8)               Choba

(9)               Ogbogoro

(10)           Rumuolumeni

Rebisi Kingdom

(1)               Orolozu

(2)               Oroworukwo

(3)               Oroabali

(4)               Orogbum

(5)               Oromeruezimgbu

(6)               Oroada

(7)               Orochiri

(8)              Nkpolu-Oroworuko

                                                   War settlements

(9)               Nkpogwu

Oro-Evo Kingdom

(1)               Woji

(2)               Rumu-rorlu

(3)               Rumu-Obiakani

(4)               Rumu-Ogba

(5)               Rumu-Ibekwe

(6)               Oginigba

(7)               Rumuodomanya

(8)               Rumuobochi

Oro-Esara Kingdom

(1)               Rumuokwurusi

Okporo/Nvuike            (i)   Rumuochiorlu

                                 (ii)  Rumuwokerebe

                                  (iii) Mgbuoesilaru   (Rumuokwurukwuru and Rumucheta)         

                                  (iv)  Rumuodara

                                  (v)   Rumuorianwo

                                  (vi)  Mgbu-Ori            

                                  (vii)  Eliowhani

(2)               Iriebe Autonomous

(3)               Oro-Igwe                                 (i)   Rumuoewhara

(ii)  Eliozu

(iii) Rumunduru

(iv) Elimgbu

(4)               Atali Autonomous

(5)               Rumuokoro                 (i)    Rumukpakolisi

(ii)   EliOgbolo

(iii)  Awalama

(iv)  Rumuagholu

(v)   Eli-Eke

Oro-Opotoma Kingdom

Anyaolu Nu Inyanwa






Evo  is divided  into three  major kingdoms  namely,  Oro-  Evo,  Oro- Esara   and   Oro- Opotoma.

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Our Mission

To foster and fortify our bond of relationship through the sustenance and protection of our cultural heritage

Up Coming Event


Presentation of Two Books
Ikwerre in the 21st century

Deepening crisis in Nigeria Educational system 

By Eze Chris Akani, Phd 


Lecture by Prof Steve Okodudu,
Prof of sociology, University of Port Harcourt Choba
Keynote address: Dr. Fynface Aka Chairman UBEB Rivers State


Ignatius Agaru, University of Education, Rumuorlumeni


September 1, 2018

African Universities in the 21st century

Our Vision

To build a robust and vibrant OPA branch of Ogbakor Ikwerre Cultural Organization Worldwide, that will be a font for all.

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